Creating a single image that tells a story is a craft. For artist Dan Christofferson, storytelling plays a significant role in the work he produces. His art may be controversial to some, but for most it is a young perspective on the histories of culture and religion. Not all of it is based…

I Ink War’d tonight and took home the golden belt. It’s a good night for Dan’s everywhere. Thanks to @okpants for graciously passing the belt. Thanks @wmcfest for the photo and the amazing night. This is for you, @pavlovsbaby

Guys, you can obviously choose whether or not to waver. But if you decide you DON’T wanna waver, this banner hanging in your den might be a really helpful tool.

-20”x30”, hand-sewn, fabric banners in a bunch of designs/colors available this weekend at my @craftlakecity booth.

Did a bunch of illustration/design work for this collab between @zuriick and @skategoldcoast. Go visit my booth at Craft Lake City, THEN head down to the Zuriick shop this Friday to checkout the capsule collection and a new zine from our doggie @stevenstone.

Opening August 2nd 7:30-10pm, Gauntlet Gallery presents “Contemporary Contemporary” - artists referencing artists referencing artists. My piece plays on themes from a set of controversial works by Damien Hirst— specifically his Golden Calf, False idol, and End of an Era series.

All the pieces will be on display this Saturday. Show looks like it’ll be amazing. If you’re anywhere near SF, head on over there, for pete’s sake.

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Quentin vs Coen: an art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Coen Brothers

Opening night reception - July 5th (6pm - 10pm) - On view until July 26th

Spoke Art is proud to present: Quentin vs. Coen - An art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Coen Brothers. Over 60 artists were invited to reinterpret their favorite scenes, characters and films from the prolific directors, resulting in an eclectic showing of inspirational fine art. Showcasing a plethora of original works from painting and sculpture to limited edition screen prints and digital works, Quentin vs Coen demonstrates a wide range of mediums and practices.

Playing upon the already highly stylized vision of these directors, Quentin vs Coen pays homage and re-imagines these momentous post-modern genre makers. Although Tarantino and the Coen brothers differ heavily in their directorial styles, artistically they both have an aptitude for overlapping themes. Both gravitate towards potent, film-defining soundtracks, both fabricate their own versions of neo-noir dark humor. Their penchant for ample brutal violence and bizarre story lines compliment their overarching topics of American culture, revenge and fate as well as classic hollywood narratives.

For this exhibition, no guidelines on subject matter or content were given to the artists. This artistic liberty allows for a boundless selection of personal depictions and interpretations. Each artist was allowed to choose their favorite character, scene or location from whatever movie they liked. Quentin vs Coen therefore offers an eclectic selection of works both diverse in style as well as subject.

Quentin vs Coen will debut on Saturday, July 5th, from 6pm - 10pm. There is no cover charge, complimentary beverages will be served and some artists will be in attendance. The exhibition will be on view until July 26th.

Online sales begin Tuesday, July 8th via the Spoke Art website.

Participating artists:

Sherif Adel, Derek Ballard, Oliver Barrett, Joshua Budich, Sandi Calistro, Tracie Ching, Dan Christofferson, Craig Church, Ben Clarke, Nick Comparone, Tim Doyle, Matt Dye, Jason Edmiston, Anarkitty, Veronica Fish, Sam Gilbey, Ian Glaubinger, Gene Guynn, Sam Ho, Christine Hostetler, Primary Hughes, Tim Jordan, Alex Kirzhener, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Doug LaRocca, Nan Lawson, Tula Lotay, Steve MacDonald, Dave MacDowell, Tim Maclean, Adam Maida, Crowded Teeth, Scott Mitchell, David Moscati, Joemur, Johannah O’Donnell, Rich Pellegrino, Joel Daniel Phillips, Michael Ramstead, Fernando Reza, Jesse Riggle, Jermaine Rogers, Cuyler Smith, Peter Strain, Meghan Stratman, Maria Suarez-Inclan, Geoff Trapp, Justin VanGenderen, John Wentz, Bruce White, Bec Winnel, Kate Zambrano

Opens this weekend!