Things my Dad thought twice about before doing:

1. Nothing.

Things my Dad didn’t think twice about before doing:

1. Lighting off fireworks in the house.
2. Putting a brick through the other guy’s window.
3. Picking up wild snakes.
4. Shooting your foot off with a shotgun.
5. Cranking Soft Jazz in his car stereo.

Even though we couldn’t get the falcon or albino vampire bat to cooperate for the photo, it still turned out great. New issue of @revolvslc is out! Photo by @chadkphoto, styling by THE @pavlovsbaby

Hanging a few older pieces for the @revolvslc issue launch party tonight. If you’re seeing this, you’re invited. The @zuriick space on 9th and 9th from 8-11pm.

Salt Lakers: I’m extremely honored to be featured in the next issue of the always impeccable @revolvslc magazine. Come celebrate the new issue and help support a good cause this Sat (8-11) at the new @zuriick shop.

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Huge project update

So, I’ve been working on this project for quite a while. My wife and I have spent a lot of late nights collaborating on this, but we’re finally finished and are really happy with the results. I’m extremely happy to announce:

I’ve finally finished the West Wing!

Yup! Watched the entire series. With hard work, comes great reward. Really proud of the hours I put into this.